Air Quality Restoration

Renewing your air while providing clean air solutions for you and your entire family.

Air Quality Restoration 

Get the air you and your family deserve. Mold Boss performs air quality restoration

Our Process

Air Quality Restoration is our service that restores the air quality in your home to a Condition 1 environment. The air will be cleaner and reduced of toxins, bacteria's, mold, and other harmful allergens. Our Process includes techniques and procedures to drastically change the air quality in your home. We use negative air containment to flush the old air out, and we place HEPA Purifying systems inside the home to filter the air and produce clean air. We utilize other methods in determining the best course of action for each individual property. Each home is different, so Mold Boss creates an Air Quality Restoration plan that is specific to your home and your home's needs. You will be glad you did it.

Pre & Post Testing

Mold Boss will perform an air quality test before and after your air quality restoration. The Test prior will determine the different toxins, molds, and bacteria's you are breathing in. A plan will be created to treat your home and after completion, we will conduct one final test to determine the success of the air quality restoration. Your home will undergo a clean air make over during the process. You will breath easier and your home will have sufficient and cleaner air. 

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Advantages of Cleaner Air

Here are some benefits to air quality restoration with Mold Boss

  • Cleaner Air
  • High Levels of Mold & Toxins removed from the breathable air
  • Will help with sinus problems
  • Will control the humidity in your home
  • A healthier respiratory system for you and your family

The Benefits of Air Quality Restoration


Negative Air Containment will reduce toxins, mold, and other bacteria's within your home. We will replace the air you currently have in your home with HEPA Filtered air throughout the entire home.  

Controlling the Humidity

Mold and other bacteria's thrive in environments with higher than normal humidity. We will control the humidity and reduce the humidity within your home to prevent a feeding ground for toxins in the future. 

HVAC Flush & Mold Removal Cleanse

We will use negative air within your system to remove and vacuum all dust, mold, toxins, and other harmful bacteria's from your system. All of your coils will be sanitized and cleansed. 

Air Fogging

One of the key steps we will implement is air fogging the entire home. We will use a system that will combat airborne toxins, bacteria, and mold throughout your home. We will utilize this process in every room of your home. 


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