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Mold Remediation is performed when it is deemed through a proper inspection, and labratory findings that your immediate environment has been affected with high levels of Mold and its spores. Most home owners do not know what is involved with a proper remediation. Mold Remediation comes with a few important components. There are the visual components that you physically see mold. There are the components that you can smell such as musty odors, and lingering smells. Then there is the component that you cannot see or smell a lot of times, and that is the airborne spores. Proper Mold remediation will address all of these components and correct the problem at hand. Be cautious of any company offering to perform mold remediation without properly testing the area for the type of mold, and without knowing the spore count. This data plays an intricate part in proper remediation and knowing how long to utilize certain equipment that is used. Mold Boss takes extra caution in performing remediation work and will always protect you and your family. 


After Remediation has been completed. Mold Boss hires a 3rd Party Mold Testing Company to perform  post remediation testing & clearance. Even though this is not required by the State of Georgia, we want to make sure that all of the work has been completed and restored. This extra step gives you the eyes of another mold professional to come in and "grade" our work. This is just an extra step that we take to ensure your environment is clean and restored when we are ready to say "Job Complete". 


Mold Boss offers a one of the best warranty's & guarantee's in the industry. We also offer yearly service plans to come and monitor the over-all air quality in your home. Its sort of your bi-yearly HVAC check ups you get from your HVAC guy, or when the pest guy comes over and sprays. Well, Mold Boss offers a yearly service plan where we come out to your property and make sure the air quality in your home remains clean, and safe. We will also provide helpful tips that you can use every day to prevent the return of Mold, toxins, and poor air quality. Be sure to ask about our Air Quality service plans.

Best Price Guarantee on Mold Remediation

We know that Mold Remediation can be costly. This is why we offer the Best of Both World's Guarantee.  We will beat any competitors written quote and you will get to hire the Mold Boss. Mold Boss is the most certified, and qualified group of mold remediation professionals. 

  • Same Day Appointments Available
  • Pre & Post Mold Remediation Testing 
  • Interior Mold Remediation 
  • Crawlspace & Attic Mold Remediation
  • Industry's Best Warranty

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold Remediation is the process of the actual removal of harmful toxins and restoration of the immediate air quality within the remediation area. Mold Boss performs more mold remediation's than other company. Mold remediation can be costly if left ignored. It is always better to address the problem and rectify it before the problem is too costly to fix. Mold Boss offers the Best of the Best Guarantee. We will guarantee the best price and by hiring us you will definitely have the best professional helping restore your environment. 

Mold Boss will work extremely fast and thorough to properly remediate and restore your property. Mold can cause sever health risks, structural issues, and poor air quality. Our certified techs will respond, react, and resolve the problems you are having. 

  • Residential Mold Remediation
  • Commercial Mold Remediation
  • Crawlspace Mold Remediation
  • Attic Mold Remediation
  • HVAC Mold Remediation

We Also Perform Crawlspace Remediation

If your crawlspace has mold, water damage, and poor air quality. Let Mold Boss restore it and revive it. Mold Boss techs can restore, and revive your crawlspace. 

Vapor Barrier, Mold Remediation, Insulation, Waterproofing, and Mortar Sealing are all Mold Boss crawlspace service

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Do I have to leave my house during remediation?

Yes you do. We are wearing protective equipment to protect our bodies, eyes, hands, mouths, and ears from further contamination. We also utilize certain Biocides to remove the mold and if ingested can cause sickness. 

What payment methods are accepted?

You can Self Pay, Insurance, or we offer financing if you request it. We make the process very easy. We also offer the Best price Guarantee. This ensures you will always be paying less.

When are the operational hours?

Mold Remediation can be performed during various hours of the day. We typically like to start these services in the morning as we will have a full day to accomplish as much as we can.

Do I have to stay in a hotel while my house is being remediated?

The answer to that is tricky. Most of the time the home owners can return home the same day. There are rare occasions where we will suggest possibly staying a few nights somewhere else. If this is the case with your property you will know in advance and not the day of the remediation.

Is there a warranty or guarantee?

Yes Mold Boss warranties all of our wok. Mold Boss also performs yearly Air Quality Services and will make appropriate recommendations to maintain your warranties and continue to thrive in a healthy environment.

Where is the company located?

Our Offices are located in Cherokee, Cobb, & Gwinnett Counties. However we serve the entire Metro Atlanta area, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina. 


If you require immediate assistance please call us at (678) 772-6960. Otherwise you can fill out the contact card below and one of our Mold Boss Professionals will contact you shortly. Thank you for Choosing Mold Boss.