Sewage Clean Up - Removal

Call us immediately if you need a thorough and safe sewage clean up. 

Sewage Clean Up

  If flood waters or sewage fill your basement, you must clean properly to prevent you and your family from becoming sick or injured. Do not bring children into the flooded area during dean-up! If you experiencea sewer backup , it is recommended that a professionally trained restoration firm be utilized. Due to disease and cross contamination it is highly recommended you do not perform this work yourself.  Mold Boss can be on the scene quickly to restore the environment and properly and legally remove the toxins and sewage from your property.

 The greatest danger is other than the risk of disease, is the risk of electrocution or explosion. Do not enter a flooded basement or light matches until a Mold Boss professional is on scene.  

  • We will restore the environment to a Condition 1 healthy environment
  • We will work closely with your insurance company to help eliminate any extra stress you may have. 
  • All of our Professionals are certified with the IICRC for Sewage Extraction.
  • We will remove any odors and toxins left from the sewage spill.
  • Available for this service 24 hours a day.

We Will Gladly Spare you from any before or after photos, You Get The Picture!

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Thank you for Choosing Mold Boss. You will not be disappointed in the quality of our work, the prices, and our commitment to serving all of our customers. If you need immediate assistance please call us at (678) 772-6960. If you don't require immediate attention, please fill in the request below and one of our Pro's will contact you shortly. Thank you