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mold removal atlanta ga

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation is the process of removing mold from a home or place of business and trying to find and fix the cause of the mold outbreak. Mold Boss’es licensed and professional Mold Remediation Specialists know that finding and taking care of the source is the most important thing so that you can avoid having the issues return.

mold remediation atlanta

Once it is established that there is a mold issue in the home or place of business, our Mold Remediation professionals will try to find the source of the issue. Most commonly mold is the result of some form of water damage. Whether that be a plumbing issue such as with a leaking or broken pipe or an air conditioning unit leak, it is best to get those issues fixed before starting the remediation process so that the mold doesn’t come right back. Our Specialists can help with this as well. We can help you identify the source and have it taken care of for you so that the Remediation process is successful.

If the mold isn’t from water damage then it is usually due to high moisture levels which can occur for different reasons. This could range from thermostat settings to open windows but our team can help you find and fix the cause of the mold.

Once the cause has been determined and fixed then our Mold Remediation Company would begin with the Remediation process. Mold Boss goes through a specific and thorough Remediation process. The first step would be to place either a negative air machine or an air scrubber at the site. These are basically giant air filters that begin the filtration of the air to start getting rid of mold and dust spores before and during the whole process. This help so that during the Mold Remediation Process, any disturbed mold or dust or dirt that then becomes airborne gets sucked in and filtered and clean air is pushed out. Once these are put down then a containment area is built with tape and plastic to section off the affected areas from the rest of the house or building and all air vents to the area are shut and sealed off.

As per EPA guidelines, the affected materials have to be removed. This includes using very specialized tools to create precision demolition. This is a very calculated and controlled cutting away and removal of any parts of the home or office that are too far gone. This could be parts of drywall, floorboards, carpet, molding, cabinets or parts of wallpaper that might be infested with mold. This material is then put into contractor bags which resemble large black trash bags which are then sealed inside the containment zone and then removed from the building.

Once everything has been removed, a HEPA vacuum is then used to get rid of any mold spores in the air or any dust that might have resulted from the removal process and then the Remediation solution is used to spray on affected areas that couldn’t or didn’t need to be moved. Mold Boss uses a non-toxic environmentally friendly product called Cal-bright for this process. It takes 24-48 hours for the Cal-brite solution to dry and completely remove the mold but once the solution is sprayed in the remaining affected areas, a fan is then put in to remove bad air and leftover materials and the specialists then begin to clean and sanitize the air handling and duct work.

If the Mold Remediation Services were done for insurance purposes or was performed in a federal building, a third party mold assessor will usually come by and inspect to ensure the remediation was done properly.

Mold Boss has the knowledge, tools, and expertise to re mediate the mold from your property. We currently offer mold remediation treatment to residents of all greater Atlanta Georgia areas. Give us a call today at (678) 274-9606 or schedule a mold inspection today.

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Mold Boss Home Services is the leader in mold & property inspections and environmental remediation. We are a complete answer to a lot of the industry’s most successful real estate firms, investors, financial institutions, and homeowners. All of our inspectors and remediation teams are some of the best in the industry. We promise to offer you superior services and extraordinary experience from start to finish. That’s our guarantee!

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